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Here are some of the services I can offer:

  • Common good audit - the new consultation requirements are a choppy sea for local authorities. Let me help navigate through them!

  • Seminars - I have long experience in speaking to, and organising innovative training events for, a wide range of audiences, including community councils, commercial property lawyers, and committee teams. Contact me for more details.

  • Governance advice - setting up a new organisation, or changing the way an existing one takes decisions? I have expertise to offer.

  • Community Empowerment - need help through the maze of forms and business case essentials? I can help.

  • Applying for a review of your planning apllication's refusal? As a former legal adviser to one of the busiest local review bodies, I can guide you through the process.


I am no longer a member of the Law Society of Scotland, and therefore not a solicitor. In some circumstances I will need to refer you to a practising solicitor.

I'm unlikely to act for community organisations in Fife where it will lead to conflict with Fife Council.

I will only use your data for agreed purposes.

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